The Coen Card makes refueling your fleet of vehicles easier, faster, more convenient and more secure!

Introducing The Coen Card — Your company's ticket to ride.

Discover the Coen Card Advantage.

The Coen Card is a productive tool that Coen Oil Company offers its commercial customers to make refueling their fleet of vehicles easier, faster, and more convenient. The Coen Card can be used to purchase any of our petroleum products including gas, diesel, or offroad. The Coen Card also works inside of our C-Stores for purchasing our food or convenience products. Importantly, given the flexible security features of the Coen Card, the commercial customer can tailor which employees can use the card and what products can be purchased.

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Our commercial card-lock systems can be found in Washington, Greensburg and Latrobe PA, and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that you can refill your fleet as your schedule allows. Click Here to view our commercial card-lock system locations.

Our nearly 40 C-Store locations can be used for fleet refilling and are conveniently located throughout Southwestern PA, Eastern OH, and parts of the the Panhandle of WV. Click Here for our Coen Markets C-Store Locations.

Convenient, Hassle Free, Paperless Fleet Fueling

  • Use the Coen Card at any of our nearly 30 locations including our C-Store & commercial card lock systems in PA, WV, & OH
  • Works at the pump (completely self-serve) or inside the C-Stores
  • No papers, no cash, no credit cards & no hassles. Quick application turnaround.

Value Added Operational Data

  • Helps track fuel costs, fuel usage by type, cost per mile, vehicle efficiency, etc.

Enhanced Security

  • Replaces paper-driven house accounts and helps prevent fraud and theft
  • Puts control in your hands by allowing for prompts such as pin numbers, drivers license, company ID, odometer reading, or any mechanism you desire. One phone call to turn on or off or change any feature
  • Choose which products can be purchased, set credit limits, or pick locations where the card will work to tailor card functionality to your needs.

Easy Fuel Tax Documentation

  • Fuel tax reporting is made simple

Simple, Clear Accounting

  • Monthly reports from a single source that reduces paperwork and makes reconciliation painless
  • Records transaction details including types of product, fuel cost, fuel efficiency, location, and driver and vehicle information

Transfer Bulk Storage Issues to Coen Oil

  • Replaces the need for on-site fuel storage and all the associated issues
  • Can accommodate any sized fleet or type of company vehicles

Pre-Paid Card Option

  • Use the Pre Paid Coen Card as a gift card for certain occasions
  • Make the Pre Paid Coen Card an incentive reward by recognizing drivers for operational excellence

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* - The Coen Card is a commercial solution and not a personal card.



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